How to Pick the Perfect Outdoor Wall Mount for Your Home

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Wall Mount

So you’ve decided to look at some outdoor wall mounts, but aren’t sure where to start? Luckily for you, Z-Lite can guide you to the perfect outdoor wall mount.

To start off, let’s determine the style you are going for –

Generally, lighting styles can be split into three categories: traditional, transitional and contemporary fixtures. Lets talk about what that means:


Traditional fixtures generally have order, they match or have consistency across fixtures and spaces. They will have more classic pieces that will suit many.




Transitional fixtures are the happy medium between contemporary and traditional, creating an “updated classic” look.



Contemporary fixtures are more modern and feature clean lines and neutral colours. These fixtures suit open spaces well.




Remember, no style is less than the other, so really think about what YOU want.

Now here are some tips to help you choose:

Let’s Start with Colour and Shape.

With outdoor lights, you’re going to find a lot of them are black. This is because black is a transitional colour that works with both traditional and modern decor and everything in between. It is definitely a safe bet to go with black.

However, if you are feeling more of a modern look, then go with a silver finish.

Similarly, for a traditional look, going with one of the many bronze finishes available may help take your decor in the direction you are thinking of.

All Z-lite outdoor fixtures are cast aluminum, so no matter which finish you choose, it will hold up against Mother Nature.

What size wall mount?

When it comes to entry way wall mounts, bigger is better and that’s not just a sales pitch. What a lot of people don’t realize is that your lights will be seen from drivers from the road, and when you have tiny lights on your house, it creates an underwhelming view.

To avoid this, you need to size properly! To do this, first look at the location of the electrical box – if the electrical box is even to the door, choose something sizable but compact. If it’s not, you’re going to want to look at something longer. This same rule applies with the type of house you have; longer fixtures tend to look better on two story houses while compact fixtures look better on bungalow type houses.

Also, it is important to note that while bigger is better for your entry way, garages and back decks are more suited for whatever size will give you the light you need.

Z-lite offers several sizes for all of your outdoor lighting needs including small, medium, and big. Extra big is even an option with some fixtures!

With these helpful tips, your outdoor lighting choices will reflect your personal taste and look great!

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