Z-Lite’s Colour of the Moment: Navy Peony

At Z-Lite we are committed to keeping you current with all things home décor and right now our favourite thing is Pantone’s Navy Peony colour!

Introduced in the Fall 2017 Fashion Colour Report for New York and London, Navy Peony is taking the home décor world by storm. Of course, navy blue has never really gone out of style, however this shade brings navy blue to new heights. Allowing the classic black to take a break, Navy Peony can be a strong anchoring shade in your décor or work as an excellent accent throughout your home.

Using Navy Peony in the Living Room
Navy Peony can be a great accent wall choice in the living room to create that warm cozy space with a splash of lightness. As a lighter shade to your traditional navy blue, Navy Peony pairs beautifully with warm neutrals to create a cozy and inviting appeal.

Why not trying adding Navy Peony in some unexpected places like behind the bookcase to add a dramatic flair to your classic white. Or, use it as a textured accent in velvet!

Navy Peony in the Living Room
Photo Credit: http://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2016/9/19/windsong-project-tour-great-room-kitchen-mudroom

Using Navy Peony in the Kitchen
Navy Blue in the kitchen has always been classic but Navy Peony is bringing a new twist to this favourite. If you are loving the Navy Peony but aren’t willing to commit to a paint job, why not start with adding some dinnerware or stemware in Navy Peony. If you are ready to commit then try painting out that under island area with Navy Peony to bring some fresh life to the heart of your home.

Navy Peony in the Kitchen
Photo Credit: http://kikiinteriors.com/2017/08/navy-peony/

Using Navy Peony in the Bedroom
Bringing in a look that is gender-neutral and still appealing to either you and your partner’s bedroom or for your little one on the way, Navy Peony meets the challenge.

As a baby’s room, Navy Peony brings a cozy and sleep-inviting feel for your newborn. Play up the fun prints to bring the room to life for your newborn and then this colour can transition easily as your child grows.

Navy Peony in the Babies Room
Photo Credit: http://kikiinteriors.com/2017/08/navy-peony/

In the master bedroom, Navy Peony brings sophistication and charm. This brilliant shade pairs beautifully with any metallic finish. Z-Lite’s 615-1S-OG can easily bring that flash of metallic into the space while simultaneously lightening the Navy Peony shade with its own white linen shade finish.

Are you as in love with Navy Peony as we are now? Feel free to check out our Pinterest Page to keep inspired!

Holiday Gift Guide for Homeowners

It’s that time of year again and we know it can be tricky finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, so we compiled a handy guide to help you find that perfect something for just about anyone! While this list is focused on the homeowner, we show some love to renters as well!

Before we begin, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing any gifts:

  • How well do you know this person? If you’re purchasing a gift for someone, you should always consider your relationship. You wouldn’t buy a Rolex for a casual acquaintance, just like you probably wouldn’t get your best friend socks. You want the gift to be appropriate for your relationship – don’t make it awkward!
  • How much money are you comfortable spending? Don’t go overbudget because you feel obligated. If you’re on a tight budget, consider a DIY gift – there are tons of creative ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg – don’t worry, everyone will understand (and if they don’t, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life).

The New Homeowner

Perhaps you have someone who has recently purchased a new home on your list – if you plan to buy them a gift, consider the following:

Budget-Friendly Option: Scented Candle or Picture Frame

If you’re on a tight budget, or perhaps you’re not BFFs with the recipient – scented candles are an excellent gift. They add ambience to any space and they don’t feel particularly impersonal. When in doubt, go with vanilla – it’s a well-liked scent that doesn’t overwhelm.

Modest Budget Option: Towels or Small Appliance

A good set of towels are always appreciated! If you aren’t sure of their colour scheme, buy the set in a neutral colour like white, beige or grey. If you want to purchase a small appliance (eg. Blender) – be sure they don’t already own it and that it will be used, otherwise it will take up valuable space in their new home.

Big Spender Option: Smart Home items

Smart homes are the newest, coolest thing in home technology. If they are environmentally conscious – consider a smart thermostat or smart plugs and light bulbs. This will help them optimize the energy they use and also save them money – it’s a gift that keeps on giving! If they like having the newest tech, – the number of features is bound to please anyone!

The DIYer

Everyone has that friend who spends hours browsing through Pinterest to find that next awesome DIY project. The DIYer enjoys creating things or making things new again, so if you’re really looking to impress with a gift – keep that in mind.

Budget-Friendly Option: Gift Card

While many think a gift card lacks thought, it can be the perfect solution, especially when someone is hard to buy for. For the DIYer, they will appreciate a gift card to a store where they can purchase products for their next project. Plus, you can get a gift card in any denomination, so it’s easy for this to be budget-friendly or a little more spendy – if you so choose.

Modest Budget Option: Crafting Supplies or Tools

If you know the types of crafts or projects this person takes on, consider buying them equipment that either improves their current equipment or something the don’t already have. This could range from toolsets, scrapbooking supplies, sewing supplies, etc. The list is endless – just make sure you buy equipment that will be useful to them.

Big Spender Option: Crafting/Building Equipment

Similar to the above – supplies can range from inexpensive to pricy. If you’re looking to really impress, consider purchasing a new sewing machine or a quality tool set. Quality equipment really makes a world of difference.

The Renter

While renting definitely has some upsides, it can be difficult to make a rental feel like home when you are limited in the things you can change. When purchasing a gift for a renter, be sure to keep in mind most rentals have rules on what can and can’t be done.

Budget-Friendly Option: Accent Pieces

Since most rentals don’t appreciate you painting or putting holes in walls – consider purchasing your giftee some accent pieces such as a nice Z-Lite lamp, throw pillows, blankets, picture frames, vases, etc. If you aren’t too sure of their décor style, keep things simple and pick solid colours you know they’ll like. In most rentals, walls are white or beige, so any pops of colour will be appreciated. It’s best to avoid buying art work, as most people are very specific with their tastes, so unless you know what they like, it’s best to keep things simple.

Modest Budget Option: Small Appliances

While counter space is generally minimal in rental units, small appliances can still be appreciated. Consider things like blenders, hand mixers or the super popular crock pot – which have a lot of functions and don’t take up a lot of space. Alternatively, you could purchase them new drinkware or dishes.

Big Spender Option: Counter-top dishwasher

Many rentals don’t have dishwashers, due to space restrictions and increase in utilities. If the renter you’re purchasing for doesn’t have a dishwasher, consider purchasing a counter top dishwasher. They are meant for small loads and can be fairly energy efficient if they pay their own utilities. While they do take up space on a counter – it’s worth not having to touch gross dish water anymore! If they already have a dishwasher, consider a gift card for a home décor store. This way, they can pick out something that fits them perfectly.

We hope these suggestions help you find the perfect gift – maybe even a gift for yourself!

Happy Holidays,

Z-Lite Inc.