Meet Your Match – How to Match Your Lights

How to Tie your Open Concept Floor Plan Together with Lighting

When you first move in to your new home, you can easily be overwhelmed with all of the new possibilities of home décor now open to you. One of the many things on your to do list will be to update your lighting. Often times we move in and are left with the little pig tail hanging out of the ceiling and while this can be frustrating, don’t let it get you down! Take advantage of this lighting no-no and get into your closest lighting store to update your new home!

Nowadays the open concept floor plan allows for the kitchen, dining room and living room all to be seen through one viewpoint. With this open concept you can easily view your kitchen pendants, dining room chandelier and living room lights. Now this can be a little intimidating to keep all of our décor seamless and elegant all the way through. However, have no fear – we are here to help!

The best way to navigate your lighting choices in the era of open-concept is to decide on a finish/material, style, or shape to unite your lighting fixtures. Let’s start with the easiest one on this list.

Matching finish or materials is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your home has a seamless transition between rooms. For example, hanging Z-Lite’s Iuka 16” Pendant in Brushed Nickel along your kitchen island in sight of Z-Lite’s Meshsmith 12” Flush Mount in Brushed Nickel in the hallway would make a fabulous pairing. The Brushed Nickel finish of both of these fixtures allow for them to easily work together to compliment your home décor. The additional mesh detailing allows these items the same industrial styling to be paired together.

Pairing fixtures in the same style always for your personality to shine through your lighting choices. Using Z-Lite’s 6-Light Troubadour Chandelier as your foyer’s grand entrance piece could be nicely complimented in your dining room with Z-Lite’s 6-Light Linear Gantt Pendant.

Using shape to guide your lighting choices can allow you to bring a new layer of depth to your decorating. For example Z-Lite’s Moundou 20” Pendant in Bronze  pairs beautifully with Z-Lite’s 13” Mason Pendant in Chrome. The oval shape of both lights allows for the spacious design of this room to be brought to light.

Transitioning to Fall – Trends in Dècor

Fall is officially here! It’s time to trade those air conditioners and bright colours for jewel tones and blankets. This blog post will focus on this using this year’s decor trends to create the perfect fall space.


This year is all about creating a cozy space with layered rooms using bold patterns and colours throughout your dècor. Try using rich browns and grays, warm caramel, and deep greens. Pantone’s colour of the year Greenery is an excellent choice as it translates across seasons. Not interested in deep colours? This fall is going to see sophisticated pastels like blush pink and dusty blue, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Finally, black is always a safe bet to creating a sophisticated space, and it will really help other colours pop. Try adding an accent wall, black furniture, or fixtures.



Remember “layered rooms?”, by using a variety of fabrics and textures, you can create the ultimate cozy space – think cushions, blanket throws, table runners, curtains and more. These are often easy and inexpensive pieces to update a space for the season. Fabrics to look for this fall: velvet, fleece, flannel and cotton. Velvet is a very luxe fabric that can really elevate a room and add the perfect touch of glamour, while cotton is the perfect choice for transitioning between seasons and has a simplicity that can work with any space.


You’ve probably heard of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) by now—the Danish term is used to describe the feeling of homeliness and coziness.

Hygge is a concept you can apply to both your décor and lifestyle just by making a few changes.  Try creating a light focal point, adding rustic elements or by incorporating an ultra chic fur piece to enhance any room. When welcoming Hygge into your home, woolen pieces are a must have –  these work as cozy sitting room pieces but can be easily incorporated into the bedroom as well.



Whether it be a light fixture, faucet or accessory – matte black and other dark bronze colours are making an appearance in décor this fall. While brushed metals aren’t going anywhere, they are taking a back seat for now.  Adding warm metallics like brass, copper or golden bronze will instantly add a bit of glam to a space, but give that warmth sought after in the cooler seasons. If going for a light fixture, pendant lighting is still in demand this season, or try a few table lamps in these finishes to really bring a space together.


This fall, go ahead and take some risks with your dècor and create the perfect space! Z-Lite will be there to help with fixtures to match any style. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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