Lighting Safety Tips

Adding or replacing a fixture in your home can be a great way to liven up a space, however it is important to consider the safety of yourself and your home when doing so. This blog is going to discuss some safety tips to consider.

Please note that these tips should not take the place of using a licensed electrician – they are trained to install and wire safely. Z-Lite recommends ALWAYS using a licensed electrician for installing new fixtures for your safety, and your home’s.

Safety Tip # 1: Turn off the Power

This should be self-explanatory, but if you are doing any work with a fixture, please ensure that the power is off. This could be anything from installing a new fixture to replacing the light bulb. This will reduce the risk of harm to yourself.

Safety Tip # 2: Use the Right Bulbs

If a fixture says to use a 60W bulb – use a 60W bulb. Using bulbs with higher than recommended wattage will cause the bulb to get hotter than normal. This can cause damage to the fixture or even start a fire. Always go with what is recommended. For more information regarding wattage, please see HERE!

Safety Tip # 3: Choose the Right Fixture

Before choosing a fixture, make sure that your space can handle the fixture. For example, if you have lower ceilings, you probably won’t be able to install large chandeliers or pendants, but you could install semi-flush or flush mounts. You don’t want to get a fixture that you’ll be bumping into, or one that will provide too much/not enough light to the space, which can cause eye strain. Z-Lite carries a variety of fixtures in many sizes. You can browse our catalogs HERE!

Safety Tip # 4: Hire a Licensed Electrician

This was already mentioned, however it is important that when working with light fixtures, there is a great risk to yourself and your home if installed incorrectly. They can cause electrocution, burns, or even start a fire. Z-Lite recommends that you ALWAYS hire a licensed electrician. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their license, or look on the internet for testimonials and reviews. You want to ensure you are getting a reputable electrician who will do the job right.



*Please note these safety tips are not coming from a licensed electrician, but common knowledge of lighting safety. When doing work with electricity, always use a licensed electrician. Z-Lite is not responsible for any harm or damage that comes from not using a licensed professional.


Pro Tip: Hanging Height for Dining Room Fixtures

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp. Apples are fresh for the picking and those big family gatherings are right around the corner. Which means you might be ready to elevate your dining room decor. Light fixtures are not only  a great decor piece, but in a dining room – they are essential. However, it can be difficult to determine the right fixture for your dining area. Specifically, it can be difficult to determine the proper hanging height for above-table fixtures.


The dining room is a beautiful place to let your design style run wild. Between all of the furnishings, textiles and accessories that bring your space to life – there are still technical requirements that need to be met. For example, the table needs to be the right size. This is not only for your family, but also for the room. The table cloths and napkins need to be durable to hold up against dinner messes. Most importantly, the chandelier needs to provide enough light to illuminate your meal. It needs to be hung at a perfect height – not obstructing your view, but not too high – as it can look odd and obscure the light.

The positioning of your chandelier over your dining room table has a few good rules of thumb to remember.

Dining Room Style

There are so many options to illuminate your dining room. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or something in between, you want to ensure that your lighting choice reflects your taste.



You want to ensure that your chandelier is at least 12 inches narrower than the width of your table on each side. That way no one knocks their head reaching for turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.

Hanging Height:

In a room with an 8-foot ceiling, the rule of thumb is that the chandelier should be 30-34 inches from the table. For rooms with larger ceilings, the distance of the light from the table will increase by approximately 3 inches for every foot. Therefore, if the room has a 9-foot ceiling then the distance of the chandelier should be 33-37 inches.

Getting the Look:

If you have taken all of the above pointers in to consideration, then there is just one last tip to make sure you get the look you are going for.modern-crystal-dining-room

Check Your View Points:

When hanging your light, take a seat at the table and make sure it is hanging the way you want. Then, take another peek from the entry way of the room. Does your lighting choice add to the overall effect of the room? Is it positioning correctly? Also, make sure the fixture is secured to the ceiling properly – you don’t want it ruining your next dinner party!


Transitioning to Fall – Trends in Dècor

Fall is officially here! It’s time to trade those air conditioners and bright colours for jewel tones and blankets. This blog post will focus on this using this year’s decor trends to create the perfect fall space.


This year is all about creating a cozy space with layered rooms using bold patterns and colours throughout your dècor. Try using rich browns and grays, warm caramel, and deep greens. Pantone’s colour of the year Greenery is an excellent choice as it translates across seasons. Not interested in deep colours? This fall is going to see sophisticated pastels like blush pink and dusty blue, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Finally, black is always a safe bet to creating a sophisticated space, and it will really help other colours pop. Try adding an accent wall, black furniture, or fixtures.



Remember “layered rooms?”, by using a variety of fabrics and textures, you can create the ultimate cozy space – think cushions, blanket throws, table runners, curtains and more. These are often easy and inexpensive pieces to update a space for the season. Fabrics to look for this fall: velvet, fleece, flannel and cotton. Velvet is a very luxe fabric that can really elevate a room and add the perfect touch of glamour, while cotton is the perfect choice for transitioning between seasons and has a simplicity that can work with any space.


You’ve probably heard of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) by now—the Danish term is used to describe the feeling of homeliness and coziness.

Hygge is a concept you can apply to both your décor and lifestyle just by making a few changes.  Try creating a light focal point, adding rustic elements or by incorporating an ultra chic fur piece to enhance any room. When welcoming Hygge into your home, woolen pieces are a must have –  these work as cozy sitting room pieces but can be easily incorporated into the bedroom as well.



Whether it be a light fixture, faucet or accessory – matte black and other dark bronze colours are making an appearance in décor this fall. While brushed metals aren’t going anywhere, they are taking a back seat for now.  Adding warm metallics like brass, copper or golden bronze will instantly add a bit of glam to a space, but give that warmth sought after in the cooler seasons. If going for a light fixture, pendant lighting is still in demand this season, or try a few table lamps in these finishes to really bring a space together.


This fall, go ahead and take some risks with your dècor and create the perfect space! Z-Lite will be there to help with fixtures to match any style. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Want some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page HERE!

Sconces: Product Spolight

Product Spotlight Series: Sconces

In our product spotlight series, we will take a look at the various fixtures that Z-Lite has to offer and talk about how to work them into your decor – no matter your style. In our first spotlight, we’ll be discussing sconces.

Sconces are wall mounted light fixtures, used to create ambient light or as accent lighting wherever they are used. Sconces are commonly used in bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, or even by a fireplace. Due to their size and subtlety, they are very versatile fixtures.

When planning where a sconce should go in a home, the general rule is that the fixture should be five feet from the ground if you have 8 foot ceilings. As stated before, sconces aren’t meant to be a primary source of light, but rather as accent lighting or for ambient light.

For some inspiration, see our examples below.




Pictured here is the modern-inspired 616-1S-BN from the Tian family. It brings a touch of contemporary flair and really helps complete the look of the room.

View more from this family HERE!




Pictured here is the 446-2S- BZGD from the Geist family. Note how the style is modern, but due to the finishes on the fixture, a more transitional look is achieved, emphasizing the warm tones of the fire place.

View more from this family HERE!



Pictured here is the 3001-3SCH, from the Czarina family. Its ultra modern finish and elegant crystal design adds a touch of class to the area.

View more from this family HERE!




These are just a few of many ways to incorporate a scone into your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a way that truly works for you and your home.

Z-lite Inc carries a number of sconces, which can be found HERE!

How to Pick the Perfect Outdoor Wall Mount for Your Home

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Wall Mount

So you’ve decided to look at some outdoor wall mounts, but aren’t sure where to start? Luckily for you, Z-Lite can guide you to the perfect outdoor wall mount.

To start off, let’s determine the style you are going for –

Generally, lighting styles can be split into three categories: traditional, transitional and contemporary fixtures. Lets talk about what that means:


Traditional fixtures generally have order, they match or have consistency across fixtures and spaces. They will have more classic pieces that will suit many.




Transitional fixtures are the happy medium between contemporary and traditional, creating an “updated classic” look.



Contemporary fixtures are more modern and feature clean lines and neutral colours. These fixtures suit open spaces well.




Remember, no style is less than the other, so really think about what YOU want.

Now here are some tips to help you choose:

Let’s Start with Colour and Shape.

With outdoor lights, you’re going to find a lot of them are black. This is because black is a transitional colour that works with both traditional and modern decor and everything in between. It is definitely a safe bet to go with black.

However, if you are feeling more of a modern look, then go with a silver finish.

Similarly, for a traditional look, going with one of the many bronze finishes available may help take your decor in the direction you are thinking of.

All Z-lite outdoor fixtures are cast aluminum, so no matter which finish you choose, it will hold up against Mother Nature.

What size wall mount?

When it comes to entry way wall mounts, bigger is better and that’s not just a sales pitch. What a lot of people don’t realize is that your lights will be seen from drivers from the road, and when you have tiny lights on your house, it creates an underwhelming view.

To avoid this, you need to size properly! To do this, first look at the location of the electrical box – if the electrical box is even to the door, choose something sizable but compact. If it’s not, you’re going to want to look at something longer. This same rule applies with the type of house you have; longer fixtures tend to look better on two story houses while compact fixtures look better on bungalow type houses.

Also, it is important to note that while bigger is better for your entry way, garages and back decks are more suited for whatever size will give you the light you need.

Z-lite offers several sizes for all of your outdoor lighting needs including small, medium, and big. Extra big is even an option with some fixtures!

With these helpful tips, your outdoor lighting choices will reflect your personal taste and look great!

Want to see more outdoor lights? Visit us HERE!